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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

To update your BEP20 USDT address at your AXM profile, log in to your AXM account, navigate to the Profile section and tap on the “Edit” option next to the Wallet Address field.

Now, feed in the BEP20 USDT address [a hexadecimal string that starts with 0x] in the text box which can be found on your BSC-compatible wallet like Trust or MetaMask wallet.

Once you enter the address, click on the “Save” option to confirm your changes and then you will successfully update your BEP20 USDT address at your AXM profile.

You can also this user address to receive/send USDT BEP20 tokens on any of the BNB Smart Chain networks.

1. Navigate to the official web page: , create a user account with proper details and save it for later.

2. Log in to the member panel of appearing in the top right section of the browser.

3. Once you get access to your user panel and account dashboard, you need to update the profile.

4. Go to option “Profile” on the right-side top panel and you need to update the section “ADD AXM Token Wallet Address” appearing at the bottom of the window.

5. To get the address of the AXM token for updating the panel you need to visit and get the AXM deposit address.

6. Create an account on and log in with your entered credentials in the given below window.

7. Once you get logged in to your user profile, go to the “Wallet” option and then the “Spot” section at the top right panel of the platform.

8. Tap for the “AXM tokens” in the search block mentioned, you will get the token details of the asset that you own.

9. Tap on “Deposit” and copy the “AXM deposit address” as given in the screenshot below

10. Paste the copied AXM deposit address in the previous panel of in the section named “ADD AXM Token Wallet Address.” You also need to enter your USD wallet address for confirmation and then click on update to finally proceed to the last step.

Step 1: Open the MetaMask wallet in your browser and click on the “Add Token” option.

Step 2: In the “Search” field, you can type the name or symbol of the AXM token, so if this asset is listed on a decentralized exchange connected to the MetaMask wallet you can see the tokens in the search results. In case, the AXM token is not listed on any decentralized exchange connected to the MetaMask wallet, you need to manually add the details by entering the token contract address, and symbol, along with the decimals in the “Custom Token” portal.

Step 3: Click on the “Custom Token” button and enter the details given below:

· Token Contract Address:
· Token Symbol: AXM
· Decimals of Precision: 18

Step 4: Once you fill in the above-mentioned details in the form, click on the “Add Token” option. Congratulations! After this confirmation, your AXM token will be successfully added to your MetaMask wallet. So, now you are eligible to easily store, send, and receive your AXM tokens! The process to Add AXM Tokens in the Trust Wallet Trust Wallet is a leading platform that hosts one of the easiest wallets to store, and trade various supported digital assets. Of course, if you wish to add tokens to the Trust wallet you need to have one.

Step 1: Get the contract address of the AXM token [] and add it to the list of balances.

Step 2: Launch Trust Wallet and tap on the “Filter” option appearing at the top right corner of the home screen.

Step 3: Paste the contract address mentioned above and enable the token

Step 4: Once you tap on the “toggle” next to the token, return to the Trust Wallet home screen and refresh the page to check balances, hence; view the balances along with the real-time price of the AXM token.

- Go to the AXMint website [] and click on the “Register” option available at the top right corner.

- Fill in your personal details like user name, email, phone number, and transaction password. You also must enter the sponsor’s name and position before you create your account.

- After entering the details asked, click on the “Register Now” option and you will get the confirmation window mentioned below.

- You can now log in to your user account and access the AXMint services by visiting the “Login” option and entering the details you chose while creating the account.

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